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Skye 100% Pure DBM

Wing Graft™ Sponge

Skye Wing Graft™ DBM Sponges are designed to be used within PEEK Cages, placed in posterolateral gutters, or in any bony void.

Skye 100% Pure DBM

Cancellous Chips

Cancellous chips and granules form the osteoconductive scaffold for new bone formation while maintaining the porosity essential for tissue and vascular ingrowth.

Skye 100% Pure DBM

Pure Putty

Skye 100% Pure Putty can be formed and molded to fill a variety of bone voids and gutters. And it contains more DBM per volume for greater inductive potential.

Skye 100% Pure DBM

Ortho Crunch

Ortho Crunch is a 100% DBM Flowable Carrier containing 50% cancellous chips to provide an added conductive scaffold for improved bone formation.

Skye BioECM Product Line
Skye 100% Pure DBM

Surgeon Evaluators

Skye works closely with surgeons in our product evaluation program. Contact us today to join our Surgeon Evaluator Program.

Skye 100% Pure DBM


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